Welcome to Omaha Krush Baseball

Krush Baseball played its first season in 2014 with 1 9U team.  That team has “graduated out” of the system and several of the players are on different high schools in the Metro area.  As of 2021 season we have 8 teams at ages 2 @ 9U, 2 @11U, 12U, 13U, and 2 @ 14U.  We plan to continue to grow with a positive and inclusive culture.  If you are interested in playing for or learning more about Krush Baseball, please submit your information HERE or in the News Page for tryout info..  We are growing because our fundamental principles in coaching, playing, and spectating…

Krush formed to create a positive baseball experience FOR the PLAYERS supported by GREAT families!  Our philosophy is to develop the player and give them a chance to play the game at the next level.  We train our players to be prepared for each play, understand the game as it is happening, and to continuously get better from game to game.  We hold our top players and developing players accountable for their attitudes and efforts while on the field and working with their teammates.

Our ideal players are willing to learn, possess a good attitude towards coaches, teammates, parents, and umpires, and put forth the best effort they are able to.  Success happens in many aspects beyond wins and losses… although the wins are exciting and fun, we believe they are a byproduct of attitude and effort combined with the passion to grow as a player.

Welcome To Krush Baseball! Play Ball!

Check out our New Exclusive Krush Indoor Facility!!  Thanks to a great and supportive family within Krush Baseball we are able to have our OWN home where we can grow and develop as players and as a team.  Facility includes an open 80’x80′ turf space for fielding, pitching, and general throwing.  3 Batting cages with pitching machines and our own Hit Trax machine using technology and science to grow players with accurate metrics… and also a ton of fun to play games.

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